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Kwani? 02

Kwani Trust

Published December 31st 2008
ISBN : 9789966983626
316 pages
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 About the Book 

From the critical and commercial success of Kwani? 01 came the next edition, kwani? 02, in 2004. This edition features contemporary literary Kenyan concerns themed on the question of identity. Building on the first issue, kwani? 02 offers all that kwani? 01 did and mirrors the post-millennial angst of young Kenyan writers, poets, cartoonists and photographers. Once again, kwani? featured in the Caine Prize for African writing 2004 when Parselelo Kantais Comrade Lemma and the Black Jerusalem Boys Bandwas runner up. Uwem Akpans An Xmas Feast has since been re-worked and published in the New Yorker magazine - the first time an African writer has been featured in that prestigious magazine.