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Killers From a Distance James F. Walsh

Killers From a Distance

James F. Walsh

Published January 26th 2014
ISBN : 9780988728981
456 pages
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 About the Book 

Soldiers in combat dug for their lives. It was ironic that all foreigners on Korea’s hills were modifying nature by digging pits for war, but down over the centuries the Koreans’ had left nature on the hills mostly alone. Men at war built. Men at peace farmed. Men at war destroyed. Men at peace rebuilt.The gunner’s hands drove the tripod’s jamming handles free, the heavy machine gun and cradle dropping to a low profile. He jammed tight the handles once more, then pulled the gun and tripod to new cover, taking to the earth down in the soil like a mole. He sighted, fired a burst and followed the tracer line. He adjusted by tracer.The medic worked wounded on an outpost of the dead. A mortal silence had fallen. Bone and sinew were divided in two, bodies bleeding beneath the grim dust of battle that shaded gristly remains from the burning sun. How many crushed and torn enemy were severed forever from their five senses?Killers From a Distance is a novel written by James F. Walsh, a Korean War veteran.